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A senior moving and packing can be very emotionally stressful and frustrating if a person is leaving behind a whole family home filled with memories. That’s where a new, less familiar career as a senior moving and packing service can help. These professionals have many years of experience moving and packing senior citizens from apartment to apartment. They are used to the challenges that they will face while making sure the senior lives in their new surroundings; such as choosing a new home location, choosing the best route for travel, ensuring the safety of the senior, and getting the senior to and from the new residence. Here are some of the common problems encountered when moving seniors to a new senior assisted facility:

The first challenge is organizing all of the senior’s personal belongings. This includes clothing, linens, shoes, jewelries, kitchen appliances, artwork, antiques, photos, and furniture. The typical senior moving and packing service providers have professional organizers on staff that can assist with this organizing. However, not every moving and packing service provider has the experience or expertise needed to move and pack the entire senior population. If you have several elderly relatives that are moving, it may be necessary to hire additional help for the organization process.

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Another challenge involves coordinating all of the different phases of the senior move. This includes coordinating all of the details associated with the removal of personal property, loading the senior household into the vehicle, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and reconnection of any belongings that were mistakenly loaded onto the previous vehicle. Many seniors prefer not to move, but hiring professional movers and packers provides a smooth transition for them.

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There are several other issues associated with senior moving that most free consultation companies will not address. These include addressing issues of space planning, insurance concerns, and coordination with other family members and friends. Hiring professional services can reduce the stress associated with arranging all of these details while reducing the risk of damage to personal property and expensive mistakes. If a family member passes away, contacting a senior moving service immediately will provide the opportunity to organize the next of kin’s affairs.

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Most senior moving services include a list of available trucks with drivers that have experience moving senior citizens from location to location. They also keep a list of available vans for immediate use by the household. Some of the larger senior moving services include a fleet of mobile storage units that can rotate to accommodate new senior residents moving in. In addition, if a family member passes away unexpectedly, most move-in consultants provide a temporary residence until a suitable alternative is found.

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The first step involved in senior relocation is finding a new residence. This usually requires some degree of preplanning. It is not uncommon for older people to delay retirement for personal reasons, often because they are not ready for a new residence. Many seniors are unable to find the type of home they want because of their age, but if a senior moving company is hired it is relatively easy to locate a style of residence that will fit needs and desires. An experienced consultant can assist the client in every step of the move-in process. Moving companies will provide information on available properties, help to screen potential residents, and provide the necessary paperwork to obtain financing.

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Once a suitable home has been located, it will be time for the actual move-in. Most moving services will carefully pack and prepare the senior resident’s belongings to avoid a clash when the resident arrives at their final destination. Once the furniture is unpacked, movers will take the time to organize it into a satisfactory package. Closest moving professionals will be able to complete this process in one day.

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Moving services provide a valuable service to senior residents. They ensure that moves go smoothly and provide advice about how to keep your loved one’s stress free. A move does not have to be a difficult experience. Contact a Consider It Moving service today to discuss all of your senior relocation needs.