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Furniture delivery is an easy process, especially when you are using a professional furniture moving company. Professional furniture mover companies have the experience and equipment to move your belongings in the safest way possible. However, choosing the right furniture moving company is not easy. In order to help you learn about the different delivery options available to you, we have compiled a list of just the kinds of furniture delivery that you will have at your fingertips. At Furniture Fair, we have been delivering furniture to customers for more than 5 years. Our expert team of transport drivers and warehouse employees is dedicated to ensuring that you receive your furniture damage-free, fast, and affordable.

For a small fee, you can enjoy free shipping. Furniture that is delivered this way usually arrives in three to four business days. If the furniture arrives early from our warehouse, it could arrive even earlier. We’ll make every effort to deliver new or used furniture as quickly as possible, especially if you are residing in the North Merrick Bay Area. Free shipping is available on all sizes of furniture. Whether you need a sofa bed or a queen-sized bed, you’re welcome to take advantage of our free shipping offer.

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Two additional kinds of furniture delivery options are available to you. You may want to ask your furniture movers to use one of these options instead of your usual free shipping option because these delivery times tend to be longer. These delivery times include:

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When furniture is delivered this way, the movers will unload the furniture piece to the truck, load it into the van, and then drive it to your warehouse location. Once the piece is there, the warehouse personnel will assemble it according to your instructions. Once assembled, the furniture is ready for shipping. Your free shipping, along with the assembled furniture, should arrive within seven to ten days.

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You can save a lot of money by making full-service delivery arrangements instead of going with just a local drop shipper. A local drop shipper generally charges you a fee per piece for delivery. This fee typically includes a packing fee. In addition, your local dealer probably charges a delivery charge as well. So, when you add up all the fees, you may find that you wind up paying more than you would by choosing full-service delivery. By choosing delivery with a full-service furniture company, you’ll pay a lesser fee and not have to pay extra charges for the pickup and assembly of your furniture.

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Couples who are experiencing furniture problems in North Merrick may be experiencing the same thing. For a recent case I heard about, a couple had ordered pandemic flu swabs via the Internet, but their shipments were held up for six weeks. When the couple finally received the shipment, they discovered that all of their flu masks had been contaminated with the same virus that caused the pandemic. The couple ended up paying more than $5000 for all the pandemic flu swabs, plus the cost of their antibiotics and creams. The good news is that, if you are experiencing this problem, there is a way to protect yourself. I am speaking of using a Covid-19 vacuum cleaner.

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The biggest problem that consumers are experiencing delays with is because the furniture stores are experiencing delays in receiving the raw materials that they need to produce new items. In the past, furniture manufacturers were able to meet demand by sending raw materials to dealers until the items were finished. Now, because of the recent pandemic, manufacturers are having to turn down orders that come in before they get the raw materials they need to produce new products. That means you may have to hold off on getting your new furniture until the supply becomes better, or until the manufacturer gets the raw materials from dealers.

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Another issue that has consumers worried about the safety of their furniture is the threat posed by people opening doors and drawers that are meant to be closed when the furniture is delivered. If you are not going to use the inside door to store items, then you are asking for trouble. The door has to be opened, there has to be a key in the drawer, and that key should not be copied. In addition, if someone is trying to steal the furniture or if it is delivered to a residence where it will be left for several days, it could be that the two-hour window is not a real two-hour window, but a two-hour period of time.