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Senior Moving Companies are one of the most reliable options in moving and packing for the elderly. They offer the highest level of moving expertise in a caring environment with friendly, professional workers. The Molloy Bros. Senior Moving Services offers a unique type of moving experience tailored to ease aging seniors through the stress and unpredictability of moving. Whether you’re looking for full-scale moving or just simple packing and moving, the Molloy Bros. Senior Moving Service will help you make the transition easier and more affordable.

It’s time to consider your senior move managers and get the inside information about their services. There are several ways you can get information about the company and ask questions of your chosen company. One of the best sources of information is from other seniors who have used their services. Here are some common questions for your to consider when deciding on your new moving company:

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What are the typical charges? Do they charge by the hour or by the truckload? What about long-term or short-term services? How do they bill their customers? Do the movers offer insurance for their employees? Do they accept the services of long-term or short-term movers?

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What is the moving service provider’s licensing requirements? Does the company have an active license? How long has it been operating in your area? Do they have an active community of support among other moving service providers, such as the American Senior Move Exchange? This network of experts helps seniors find the right service and provides advice for seniors moving to a new location.

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What do the costs include for moving and packing? Do they offer a free estimate? How much packing and moving does the company do? Are there any special options, such as overnight shipping? Do the costs vary depending on the distance moved and the number of units being packed?

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Are there any special benefits offered to customers who hire their moving services? How many different areas can a single company handle? Do the moving companies provide insurance for their employees’ personal belongings? Do they offer any perks for their clients’ long-term health benefits?

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What if there is a medical issue that requires my loved one to move in a medical facility for a period of time? Will my loved one be able to stay in his or her own home while receiving nursing care in the moving and packing process? Can my loved one move in with me or will the moving company provide a rental unit for my senior parent? These are all important considerations.

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Senior moving services can make the process of moving your senior loved ones to a new home easier, less stressful, and more affordable. All too often, seniors remain in their homes, unaware that their health can be at stake. Senior independent living communities are making it possible for senior citizens to move in their own homes. This allows them to keep their familiar surroundings and enjoy the added security provided by having a new community of people around them. With all the options available, senior independent living is more attainable than ever. It makes the transition to a new home as easy and stress-free.