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A few weeks ago I had to downsize from my apartment and was looking for senior moving companies near me that could help me with the move. Hiring moving and packing companies is a good idea because it reduces the amount of stress involved in relocating. But finding one that’s right for you can be a little tricky. Here are some tips that helped me choose a Consider It Moving and packing company near me.

First, I contacted local movers that I’ve known and trusted for many years. I’m a retired engineer and would have to move my entire home, plus all of my belongings, in order to get into my new home. So my first consideration was to look at local real estate sales near my home. By contacting local real estate sales, I hoped to get some idea of prices for various appliances, fixtures, furnishings, and other items that I might want to move.

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Next, I called several senior move managers to ask about the company’s experience with downsizing. I was particularly curious about which companies offer the best rates and services in terms of packing and moving. After all, I didn’t want to pay any more than necessary for my move. I also wanted to find out how many family members would be moving and how much help they would receive from the movers. In most cases, I’m able to get a good idea about the number of family members who will be moving on my behalf simply by speaking to one of the moving company representatives.

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Third, I visited several estate sales to check out senior downsizing opportunities. Real estate sales are typically a good place to find great deals on moving and packing companies. There’s usually a lot of competition at estate sales, so it’s a good place for businesses to try to sell their services at a discount. I also went to one of my local real estate sales with my Realtor friends to talk about downsizing and asked them if they were familiar with any senior moving companies. They told me about a local company that specializes in downsizing for senior citizens.

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Fourth, I called several companies on the Internet and asked them for information about their rates and services. Obviously, I didn’t want to get charged for the consultation. Finally, I called a few companies and spoke with several employees. It turns out that these new senior moving services are quite affordable. In fact, their fees are surprisingly affordable even for small moves like mine.

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Finally, I met with an independent living community in Northern New York to discuss whether I should pay a monthly fee to have an independent senior move manager (like I did with my previous company). The independent senior moving manager told me that it wasn’t necessary to pay for their assistance. He estimated that his company’s fees would be no more than $30 per hour of assistance.

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At that point, I decided to hire a full time independent moving company to help me with my next senior move. My moving company was quite helpful. They assigned three independent moving specialists to my entire family. One specialist was there for the entire month. Two were available on the weekends.

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After the move, all three of them helped with the transition. They did excellent work. One of the movers was even able to remove my elderly mother from her nursing home into our home. My mother now has a more comfortable and relaxed place to live. This experience has given me much information about moving companies and independent moving experts.