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Furniture assembly is something most people are good at. Whether it is putting together a bed, a dresser, a table or a chair, you have probably thought about how to put furniture together before. It doesn’t have to be that complicated though. In fact, there are many ways to reduce the time and frustration involved in furniture assembly. Here are seven tips that will help you reduce the cost of furniture assembly:

Know the material your furniture is made from. There are different materials that furniture comes in, and they are all different lengths and sizes. Most manufacturers will provide assembly instructions for the size and type of materials your furniture needs to fit. The average local price for flat pack furniture assembly is roughly $120, but costs can range greatly from $600 to over $1500, depending upon the quantity you require. Knowing the material your furniture is made out of will allow you to choose the right fittings and sized tools, which in turn, will save you time.

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Test fitting your pieces. Furniture assemblers will often offer a free piece of furniture as a trial to give you a feel for how well the assembly goes. Furniture assembly in itself is not terribly difficult, but being able to test fit your pieces will make the process much faster and easier. Most pieces will fit together perfectly once you screw them all down, but it never hurts to double check just to be sure. After all, if all pieces don’t go together or fit correctly, the final product isn’t going to be complete.

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Ask your furniture assemblers charge hourly rates. If the price seems very high, consider whether the price is reflective of the quality of their work or if they are simply trying to attract new customers. On the flip side, if the hourly rate seems extremely low, consider the possibility that they are making mistakes and that it could be more expensive than you realize. Also, it’s important to ask if they have any specials that could save you money on labor.

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Ask the furniture assemblers flat rate prices. If an outlet has a standard hourly rate, take that into consideration when you’re comparison-shopping. Furniture assemblers should expect you to provide a list of the materials you need assembled, and the estimated time required. If an outlet requires supplies, such as adhesives, screws, nuts, bolts, and the like, make sure you know what type and size of the supplies are before you agree to assemble anything.

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Get quotes from three or four different companies. There are different ways an outlet can charge you for their services, including flat pack and assembly, so compare all rates. Find out exactly what is included in the flat pack quote and inquire about other services, such as a montage. Many retailers offer a flat pack quote in order to save you time, but an assembler may be able to include other services, such as a montage, in the price of his service.

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Examine the total cost. All Furniture assembling quotes should include not only parts and hardware, but also the cost of installation. Some furniture assemblers charge a bit more than others for installation costs, so be sure to ask about them. The average number of pieces that can be installed is three, but some outlets can install up to five pieces at one time. Determine how many pieces the outlet will need, and then double the number in order to calculate your estimate.

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Choose quality products. Even though you may have had experience assembling small items like desk clocks and bookshelves, getting custom designed furniture assembly may be a better option for you. Look for companies that use only the highest quality materials and that can customize products easily. Look for a company that has been in business for many years and can provide you with references that will help you find competent people who are trustworthy and responsible. If you need assistance finding a good supplier of flat pack office furniture assemblies, contact a local office furniture assemblers.