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Furniture delivery services can be helpful, especially when you live in a small apartment or need extra help assembling and moving your new acquisition. Before you begin searching for furniture movers, here are several important points to keep in mind: size and measurements. The furniture size you need will depend on how many pieces you plan on moving. Movers can offer estimates based on how much furniture you need to move. Make sure that everyone in the household is capable of carrying the furniture or that someone has the proper physical strength to lift the heavy objects.

Durability When buying furniture, movers have a wide range of options to consider. Do you want a furniture unit that will last long or are you looking for something that will work with minimal care? Upholstery is another consideration, as is painting. Movers often have complete dishtowels at their disposal, as well. Think about whether you need additional storage or if any damage is permanent. Furniture movers can also pack your things into furniture crates, which can keep your items dry and safe.

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Quality of Packaging Materials The first step in furniture delivery is picking out the items to be packed. This will include any upholstered pieces, such as couches, sofas, chairs, beds, and day beds. Most furniture movers will have high quality packing materials on hand, but you may want to use additional packing materials, depending on how fragile your items are. Plywood and cardboard boxes are great for lighter furniture; others, such as bubble wrap or newspaper, are best for large or bulk items.

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Restoration Hardware Once your furniture arrives, you have several options for furniture restoration. If you’re not experienced with restoring furniture, it’s best to contact furniture experts for more information. These professionals have the experience and know how to properly restore the items to like-new condition. While furniture delivery is cheaper than hiring professional restoration hardware, it may end up costing you more if you don’t do a good job.

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Move in Cover A new couch typically comes with a removable plastic protective overhang called a move in cover. This is a must-have for any furniture delivery services, as this keeps the new couch safe from scratches and bumps while it is being delivered. Some companies will offer different styles, including a full move in cover or just the slipcover. Either way, make sure the cover is very strong and will easily fit over the couch.

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Single Pieces Furniture removal and transportation can be extremely difficult, particularly when large or bulky items are involved. However, there are a few cases where the transportation of a single piece of furniture is simple. For example, if you’re moving to a new home and only need a single sofa, simply rent one from a furniture delivery company. The company will pack and then unpack the sofa into your vehicle in a single piece. Renting couches is often the best option for single furniture because you’ll save money on furniture pieces and have more room for other items you might want to bring with you.

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Furniture Assembly After the transportation and packing of the single piece of furniture, it’s time to move on to furniture assembly. Most furniture companies will provide a service for furniture assembly, including moving in a sofa, coffee table, and so on. For many companies, moving in these items is the best way to get them into your home. However, some companies offer their customers the option to rent a sofa or coffee table at a reasonable cost. You can save a lot of money by simply renting rather than purchasing, but you have to make sure the furniture assembly is simple and won’t require you to have extra help during the move. Reassembling these pieces is also an easy and affordable option for people who already own furniture but need to make some small updates.

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Moving and Packing Furniture is important, but what about when you have to move it a long distance? There are companies who specialize in moving furniture across the state or even country boundaries. These companies will transport your furniture anywhere in the country you wish, as long as they offer you a good deal. Some companies will even deliver the furniture in less expensive packaging than you’d find at any store. It may seem like moving furniture is more trouble than it’s worth, but think about how much time you can save by using high-end furniture delivery services.