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The aging process is one of the most trying times in a senior citizen’s life. As you age, you become more susceptible to medical problems and accidents as well as becoming less mobile. Because of this, it becomes increasingly necessary to find moving and packing assistance when you move to a senior assisted facility. In order to provide for their own well-being, many senior facilities are turning to a moving and packing service.

Senior Moving and Packing Service<|startoftext|> You can rest assured that if you are moving to a retirement community, then you will find the best professionals available to aid you. If you are moving alone, then don’t leave everything to chance. Ask friends and family members who they would recommend for assistance. Contact the local senior moving and packing companies and ask them about their level of experience with seniors in retirement communities. Once you have narrowed down a few choices, contact each company and schedule an appointment to speak with the supervisor.

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A Senior Relocation and Packing Service specialize in moving seniors from their current location to a new retirement community. Senior moving and packing services will do all of the work necessary to pack your belongings, from unpacking to delivery of your items. They may even do some or all of the actual unpacking and reassembling on your behalf. They are usually licensed, bonded and insured so that you are completely protected during the entire relocation process.

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Finding the Right Senior Moves and Packing ServiceMany people think that just because they are moving to a local senior move in assisted facility, they are not getting the professional services needed to properly pack and move their belongings. This is far from the truth. Licensed, bonded and insured professional movers handle the most difficult locations every day. Here is what to look for when hiring a local senior moving consultants.

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Ask for a post move evaluationThe most important part of hiring a moving service is having an evaluation of the process right after the movers arrive at your residence. The evaluation should be done as soon as the movers have arrived, preferably the day before. Ask how long it will take for the assessment to be completed and for a full list of items to be collected. Ask how many moving boxes will be provided and how many will be broken during the move.

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Q&A session with the manager the most difficult move is always the first one, and this is where the experienced staff comes in. During your meeting with the manager of the packers and movers, ask for a post move evaluation with another of the Senior Moving and Packing Services staff. This will give you an opportunity for a one on one meeting with the manager to discuss the move date, the new home location, and any other questions you may have. Ask for the manger’s take on how the moving date will affect the bottom line, and find out if there are additional fees involved that you weren’t told about up front.

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Talk about unpacking/packing crewsWhen it comes to unpacking, there are many aspects of the move that are best left to the professionals. There are many different types of unpacking crew, from the full service, which includes the actual packing and unpacking (including loading and unloading by truck, car, or train), to half and quarter service, which involves only the unpacking, and loading into the new home by foot or large vehicle. Ask if the company has a separate crew just for unpacking, since many companies do not do it themselves and the savings can be considerable. Find out if the crew will be called upon for a second or third shift, and whether they will have their own equipment or will require rental equipment.

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How fast is the movers? Moving companies do not make last minute decisions, so don’t assume that this is the case. It is a good idea to ask what the moving estimates are, so that you are not charged more than the movers have estimated. Find out what timescales the movers offer. If there is a time limit on the relocation, there will often be a way to get around it if it’s an extremely large or important move.