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After carefully researching all of the senior moving service providers in our area, we chose the top three best options and checked their individual pros and cons for customer satisfaction. Then, we contacted each of the movers and scheduled an appointment to discuss our plans. Below, we provide information on the successful senior assisted facility move-in process.

At our appointment, we presented our flat fee estimates to the three moving companies. Consider It Moving offered competitive flat fee estimates with some charging less than one-half of one percent of the flat fee. The three companies then offered various services and explained how each would fit within our budget. We chose three that matched our budget the best and scheduled the appointment for moving and packing to occur immediately.

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Our senior move manager called us at three o’clock in the afternoon and confirmed that his crew was ready to begin our relocation services. He had already called our home and office, informing us that our moving date was still open one day less than 24 hours away. Our flat fee estimates were confirmed and our moving date was set for two days following.

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Two days later, my husband and I packed up our belongings, including our four bedroom, two bathrooms, and one den for our relocation to our new home. One of the movers, our relocation services’ representative, showed our belongings to our new home. During our inspection, he explained that he could not give us a price because our belongings were damaged. Because of this he offered to remove any damaged items so that we could estimate our new replacement cost.

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Immediately following our inspection, my husband and I called the relocation service representatives and booked a time to have our belongings moved. The next morning, we met with the moving service’s owner, and he explained that he was willing to help in any way that he could to accommodate our needs. Our concerns about being left alone during our moves were addressed and my loved one was allowed to move in with us. That same day, we were back at our home in Rockland. Our moving service returned our belongings to our residence without damage.

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Moving and Packing With a little bit of foresight we could be successful in our downsizing and relocating. My husband and I made an agreement to divide the moves and packing chores equally. This would free up our time to spend with our family, enjoy our lives, and prepare for a new life in our new home. We also made a plan to schedule two separate visits to the movers for our first move and our second move, to ensure that our belongings would be in good condition when our other relatives moved too.

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We were able to make these first moves successfully and with only minimal difficulty. Although our movers didn’t do a very good job with our downsizing, our experience did teach us important lessons about how to move and pack with less stress. This lesson has since been carried over into our second move and our use of senior moving services includes helping our family stay on top of all the moving responsibility.

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By providing a variety of senior moving services we have satisfied several of our clients. Not only did our family remain stress free through this ordeal, but we have gained peace of mind knowing that our home is safe with the assistance of an experienced professional. There is a price to pay for moving your belongings, but you don’t have to pay it when you use a professional. In our case it saved our belongings and allowed us to focus on enjoying our newly found East Marion. The results of using a senior moving services are definitely worth the cost.