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Senior Moving Advice: Contact at least two senior moving companies to compare costs. Get all businesses in writing stating their strengths and weaknesses in detail and organized for easy comparison. Evaluate each business based on what you both want and need from a senior moving and packing services.

* Budgeting for moving and downsizing needs to be taken into account. Find out what you can afford and then determine how many people will need to be moved. Decide how much of the move you are able to handle yourself and get pre-arranged estimates for all the items you do not want to do yourself. Create a list of all the furniture, appliances, electronic devices and other belongings that will make the move easier and cost less.

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* Find out what services are available during this time. Relocating and packing a senior home is going to take longer than a younger family. Make sure that any relocation services you consider using higher quality moving supplies to prevent damage. Consider hiring a professional moving company to help with the move and packing process. Many movers specialize in relocating senior homes.

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* Create a checklist of all the things you do not want when organizing the senior moving and packing process. Do not forget important documents like your wills, insurance policies and retirement plans. Have important identification documents including licenses, identification cards and prescriptions handy. Do not leave any of these for the last minute. Have a list of all the personal items you will need like eyeglasses, hearing aids and medication. Do not forget important identification documents like your driver’s license and social security card.

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* Arrange all of your personal furniture in advance. Get your furniture movers to evaluate your furniture before the move. If they do not feel comfortable moving it yourself, it is best to let them do so. This way, you do not have to worry about how you will transport or store your highly trained movers’ belongings.

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* Be on time for pick-up. Make sure that your trusted moving service gets your belongings in good condition. Pick-up should be within a reasonable amount of time after your move. This way, you can be assured that everything goes smoothly.

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* Check with the better business bureau. Contact the better business bureau before any move. They can give you information about scams and other bad practices by companies that provide senior moving and packing services. The better business bureau can also tell you if the company follows industry standards. You can trust them to be fair and thorough with your belongings.

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* Arrange for the right transportation. Hire a moving company that provides trucks with enough space to transport your belongings. Avoid hiring a facility that does not provide trucks or does not have proper loading and unloading procedures. A move can sometimes be very difficult and stressful, but if everything goes well, you can rest assured that your possessions are safe.