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Experienced professional downsizing your senior move is just the thing you need to keep moving forward. Over the age of 60, the average American female will move between residences about 4.5 times annually. This means that your senior moving needs to be just as “springy” as your senior years are. Experienced, professional movers with experience downsizing can take care of all the details and ensure that no detail is left untouched – from move day to unpacking at your new residence. Whether you want a full-time moving company or a part-time local business, movers with downsizing experience can make your senior move a smoother process.

The first step to full-time or part-time downsizing is to find a Consider It Moving and storage provider. A quick search on the internet will locate many local moving companies with extensive moving experience and affordable rates. Call several companies and request a free quote. Compare rates based on distance, moving weight, types of moving materials used, storage fees, and more. Find a relocation company that offers the best combination of affordability, security, and quality service.

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The next step in making your senior moving and storage transition smooth is to decide whether you are moving to a local storage facility or a long-term facility. Both options have their positives and negatives. Although both long-term and short-term storage facilities are more secure than traditional warehouses, they do not allow seniors the flexibility of short-term living. Long-term storage is also more costly than short-term moves.

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If you are moving to a long-term facility, make sure that your long-term moving company has the proper insurance. Many insurance carriers require liability insurance for all movers and storage facilities. Your new relocation provider should also have appropriate insurance in place, especially if the move involves interstate travel. Insurance can ensure that you have adequate compensation in case of injury or damage to your personal property while moving. Furthermore, it can also cover the moving costs if unexpected circumstances arise that threaten the timely completion of your move.

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Once you have decided which option to use for your senior moving and storage transition, you will need to find a reliable relocation and moving company. Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if there are any complaints about a specific mover and/or storage facility during the past year. You may also contact the local housing agency in the area to ask about any local companies that accept low income tenants. These organizations may be able to recommend one or two companies that can meet your needs. In addition, they can provide valuable information about the cost of your relocation, how the process works, and other important information regarding your senior move.

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Hiring a professional moving company provides many advantages over doing it yourself. Hiring professionals insures that your senior moving needs are efficiently handled from start to finish. The service also ensures that you receive quality service and that your items will arrive safely and in good condition. If you have any questions about your belongings or services after the move, a professional moving company can offer advice. Depending on your circumstances, the company can also assist with packing and unpacking for you, including hauling your furniture to your new residence.

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Experienced movers can handle all phases of the senior moving process, ensuring that nothing is damaged during the move. There are many different kinds of senior moves, including those that involve relocating a substantial amount of furniture. Many seniors choose to move their entire home, rather than just some of it. These large moves typically involve more time than smaller moves, but the extra work and the extra money that go along with them to make these large moves well worth the investment.

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Another benefit of hiring senior moving services is the protection that they can offer your household during the estate sale. Estate sales are often stressful events for anyone but moving can be especially difficult. You may need someone to help you pack and load your things to ensure that they are safe and ready to be sold. You may also want to have someone on hand to help unload your belongings when the transaction is complete. You can also hire an estate sale professional to inspect the house before the home goes on the market to make sure everything is in working order. This extra layer of protection will keep you and your belongings safe throughout the selling process.