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Furniture delivery is a necessary step in the furniture purchasing process. However, it is just as important to understand how to move furniture safely and securely. Failure to properly plan for in-house furniture delivery could lead to frustration, missed delivery dates, and unnecessary stress. To help you better understand the different shipping options available to you, Furniture Shortage has compiled a list of the most frequently used furniture delivery services you must now choose from. These include:

UPS Store UPS stores are great because they offer free shipping. Free shipping means you do not have to pay any additional fees for shipping. When you select your furniture delivery option, select “free shipping” and your piece of furniture will be shipped directly to you. This option usually requires that the piece of furniture is going to need assembly after it has been delivered to your home. If this is the case, most pieces that are en-assembled can be sent in their original packaging.

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U-Packer-UPS stores are popular when furniture is large, such as couches and recliners. You can schedule furniture delivery for same day or next-day service. With this type of furniture shipping, you are able to have your new furniture in your home in no time at all. Your piece of furniture will arrive packed securely in its own individual box. Just like with other furniture delivery services, you will have the option of either paying for your item to be unpacked at your home or have your furniture come to you in its original packing.

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Bridal Shops Although most bridal shops do not offer custom delivery time, there are a few select locations that will help you with your furniture delivery. You will be able to find these locations online or in your local phone book. Contact the store ahead of time so you can let them know exactly what you want. You may also want to bring a picture of your wedding gown to let the store know what type of chair you would like to have for your reception.

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July fifth is the deadline for most weddings. If you are having a destination wedding, then July fifth would be a very busy month to schedule your delivery date. There are so many things to do in July. You can visit your family and spend time with them. Or, you could go to New York D.C. to celebrate the Fourth of July with your friends and families.

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Furniture stores often have a two-hour delivery window. You can schedule furniture delivery with them to ensure that they will have time to deliver your new furniture by the time the two-hour delivery window opens. You can also consider shipping out your furniture at the same time. However, this option can get expensive.

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pandemic preparation is important for the safety of your home and family. It can help if you are experiencing furniture delivery delays due to an outbreak. It would be to your advantage to order early if you are experiencing an outbreak. As you know, sometimes even two or three days can make a difference when it comes to preventing an epidemic. You want to make sure to stay one step ahead of the game.

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Custom delivery services are not always the best option. If you are experiencing furniture assembly problems, it may be better for you to just try to assemble the pieces on your own. This will keep you from having to pay extra to have professional assembly people assemble your items. Just remember that if you try to save money on the furniture assembly, you are going to end up paying extra for the professional services of these people. Try to weigh the benefits versus the costs to make sure you are making the right decision.