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To help you learn about the various moving options you possess, Furniture Pool has compiled a list of just the kinds of furniture delivery services you possess. At Furniture Pool, we have been delivering new furniture for more than 5 years. And we are dedicated to assisting you with the packing and moving of your furniture in the easiest possible way. We offer our customers friendly, courteous and professional services. Here’s how to move furniture with Furniture Pool:

Furniture Pool can ship your furniture and move it with you in just a few days. If you need additional assistance along the way, our experienced movers can assist you with the packing and furniture delivery of your new furniture. Furniture Pool is just one of many moving companies that use our packing and furniture delivery services. Check out other companies like Relocate Us For Furniture, Easy Furniture, Shuttles Moving & Storage, and Packing Experts for additional moving services you may need.

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There is one type of Furniture Pool that we do not offer. Box Barracks is a nationwide moving company that offers free shipping when you’re ready to assemble your furniture. Box Barracks offers free shipping between Tuesday and Thursday. This shipping is applicable on all furniture sizes.

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Some of our competitors include American Moving & Storage, Full-Service movers and transportation providers nationwide. Their free shipping is only available between Tuesday and Thursday. With their full-service delivery, you may receive your furniture as early as 7 a.m. on the day of delivery. If you require specialized furniture delivery, contact one of our expert full-service shipping experts. They’ll discuss your options, customize a plan that works for you, make sure all your items are prepared for delivery, and get them to you on time.

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As more people move into small and large spaces, in-home furniture delivery has increased dramatically in the last five years. More companies are offering full-service, in-home furniture delivery to meet the unique storage needs of consumers today. Companies that specialize in full-service moving offer packing and assembly of furniture, so that your items arrive ready to assemble. When you order from in-home furniture delivery specialists, they will pack your items to anticipate the largest number of trips made by movers. This means that your items will arrive in good condition, ready to go when you are ready to begin assembling. They also provide assembly after the relocation.

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Depending on the size of your furniture order and the amount of time you have for preparation and assembly, you can have furniture delivery completed in a few different ways. You may choose to have it delivered in a traditional furniture box. Some providers place your items in padded boxes to protect them during shipping. Other full-service moving companies will use special boxes that have been manufactured specifically for this purpose. Regardless of which delivery option you choose, remember that most providers charge extra for rush services and assembly after the move.

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If you are experiencing a shortage of certain types of furniture or products, don’t be afraid to ask about pandemic orders. Sometimes it’s possible to have an immediate and full supply of whatever it is you’re searching for. Other times, it may take longer due to a seasonal pandemic or two. Contact your local supplier to find out if there is a pandemic you may be suffering from and how they plan to help with your supply chain.

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If there is a problem with furniture you received and are in need of immediate assembly or if you need your furniture yesterday, don’t let it drag on. Call one of your preferred delivery services to get your furniture quickly and put it together. Having furniture ready in a pinch is an invaluable asset. You’ll never again have to deal with furniture that you can’t access, assemble, and move from the point of assembly. Furniture stores are always happy to see customers return to their stores because they know that returning furniture is a good way to generate interest in new items.